Make America's Schools Safe Again

School Guardians will be a nationwide program to connect caring volunteer citizens with local schools to support, defend, and protect America’s children:

We would like to see every school with a group of caring volunteers to defend and support all students. In order to address the long-overdue issue of mental health, we will institute a program of volunteer parents, grandparents, and other citizens to act as counsellors and Emotional Support Guardians. They will offer love and attention to students coping with issues affecting them in school and at home. Volunteers with a prior experience in psychology, social work, nursing are ideal, but everyone is capable and encouraged to volunteer to help these kids succeed and be happy.

The School Principal and other administrators will be in charge of selecting and connecting with volunteers found in the program, and will arrange to interview them and have appropriate vetting and background check done with local law enforcement.

Strengthen Mental Health

We must protect the mental well-being of every child in every school. Detecting early signs and offering emotional support makes a world of difference.

Cohesive Supportive Communities

A strong school community with greater cohesion and respect for one another is possible when No Student Is Left Behind.

Harden Our Schools

A good guy or gal with a gun saves the day every single day in America. We just don't hear about it from the mainstream media. America's children deserve the same protection enjoyed by government buildings, banks, and jewelry stores.

Finally, we would like to see fully-vetted Veterans, off-duty law enforcement, and concealed-carry licensed parents willing to volunteer their time to patrol schools and keep children safe.

This will take time to implement and will have to fully comply with state and federal laws, but the issue of mental health and well-being is something that can and must be addressed immediately.

This project is just getting started.

Please check back Thursday night for an update to the website, including an application form for all those who wish to get involved.

Feel free to follow School Guardians on Twitter, or send a message with your suggestions and questions to the founder here.

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God bless America 🇺🇸